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Hello fishios,

My interest in kayak fishing started with some videos I watched from Fishingkaki.com of a group of extreme kayak fishermen taking on the sailfish in Rompin on their own kayak! Owning my own kayak is definitely cheaper than paying for a boat fishing trip in the long run and I have flexibility over my time, deciding when to launch my fishing trip and when to going home when it’s not productive. Since then, I have been researching and reading up about kayak fishing in Singapore.

I had that dilemma when I decided on which type of kayak to purchase a year ago because it’s definitely a bad idea to store a kayak longer than my car, in a HDB flat. It doesn’t make sense to sacrifice livable space in my home due to storage concerns. Besides, some kayaks are too huge to fit into the lift! There is a rising trend of more fishio interested in kayak fishing and getting real enthusiastic hard-shell kayak, but I can’t seem to find much information on kayak storage in Singapore. Could it be that the lack of storage space is restricting people from taking up kayak fishing as a hobby and holding them back from buying hard-shell kayaks?

I have also researched on kayak storage but most kayak storage places are open racks beside the beach without security or protection from the sun, rain, bird droppings, algae and outdoor pests. I certainly do not want other people to use my kayak without permission or steal them! I checked the self-storage facilities but it was not cost efficient to rent such a big space for just one kayak and the length of the kayak pose challenges in retrieval and storage. After much frustration, I came up with my own solution!

Well, if you can relate to what I have went through, then you may be interested to know that I can now provide you secured, convenient, affordable kayak storage solution and value added services.

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- Joab


  1. Fantastic support for the development of kayak fishing in Sinagpore.
    I will recommend kayak anglers to store with you.

    Do drop me your mobile number so I can direct enquiries to you.


    1. Hi babymerv5, thanks! Have emailed you our contact number. Thanks in advance!

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